June 11th-Peace

Journey through Ephesians

Ephesians 2.14-18 “For he himself is our peace,”

Focus Verse-

“14 For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,”

Insight-It would be an understatement to say that in our world, there is a lot of hostility.  We have division and hostility between nations, within nations, at work, at home and even in our own hearts.  It seems like no matter how we try, the hostility and division persists.  It’s a natural byproduct of a broken world, a world in which we have chosen to live in allegiance to ourselves first and foremost, rather than God.  We have created our own little kingdoms and when our kingdoms are threatened, we fight and we fight hard.  There are a lot of battles being fought all around us, aren’t there?

So where do we find peace?  Paul suggests that peace is found in giving our allegiance to Jesus, the one who not only brings peace, but is peace.  Through Jesus death and resurrection he has confronted and disarmed all of the false kingdoms and powers.  Even more, he satisfied the law by giving himself up as the sufficient sacrifice-offering his life in exchange for ours, purchasing our freedom!  Interestingly, Paul implies that unless we are reconciled to God, we can’t be reconciled to each other.  Are we willing to follow the loving leadership of Jesus in all areas of our lives, trusting that it will bring peace, not just with God, but with each other?

Response and Action-Today, I will swear my allegiance to the One who is Peace.  I will choose to follow His leadership and to submit to His plan, trusting that it will bring me the peace that my heart needs.  Only through first submitting to Him will I find the peace and security to live peacefully with others.

Prince of Peace, fill my heart with your love today.  I find my safety and security in You and You alone.  Help me to trust You in every area of my life today and in doing so, to discover a peace that carries over into my interactions with those around me.  Amen.