June 2-Lavished

Journey through Ephesians

Ephesians 1.3-10-“Lavished on us”

Focus Verse: Ephesians 1.7-8

“7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8 that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding”

Insight: I love the pictures that these verses give us as we unpack the depth of the language Paul uses.  First of all, redemption is a word that describes a deliverance provided by paying a ransom.  We so easily take for granted the reality of the imprisonment that we live in due to sin-the control that our rebellion from God places over us.  We need to be rescued and God pursues us and rescues us from that deadly kingdom.  This rescue is “in accordance with” the inexhaustible abundance of His grace.  We don’t deserve to be rescued, our rebellion is deserving of death-separation from God.  Amazingly, and again we take this for granted, there is no rebellion that is too big that God’s grace can’t cover it!  (Again, remember that the key to experiencing grace is having the humility to recognize that you need it.)

Then, Paul says that this grace has been “lavished” on us.  I don’t use the word lavish very often, but I like it, so I looked it up-it carries the idea of something given abundantly or to overflowing so that that person has more than needed and it is overflowing.  It is the idea of almost giving something away so generously, that it is done ridiculously or almost recklessly, which is why Paul probably adds the next phrase, “with all wisdom and understanding.”  God knows exactly what He’s doing!  He loves to overwhelm us with His grace!  Are you ready to be overwhelmed?

Response and Action: In order to receive this ridiculous grace, I need to be humiliated by it.  I will recognize the ludicrousness of God offering me that much grace.  I don’t deserve any grace at all.  I have lived and continue to try to live my life devoted to me and my interests, setting myself up in direct opposition to God.  I will acknowledge my rebellion and stop resisting God’s leadership in my life.  I will admit that I desperately need God’s grace to make it through today, so I will cling to it as my only hope.  I will let God lavish His grace on me!

Father, God, who am I that You should love me like You do.  The last thing I should be offered is Your grace.  Yet You give it to me so freely.  Today, let me not be satisfied to merely sip from the fountain of Your grace, but to ridiculously jump in and swim in the overwhelming grace that You ridiculously pour over me.  Amazingly Yours, Amen.