living the resurrection:day two

[Read & meditate on Luke 24. Why would it be so important that Jesus had to rise from the dead?]

If there is no resurrection, Jesus is just a good teacher, with some good ideas. We have not been truly rescued. We are left to earn our way into God’s favor. Because of the resurrection, everything is different. Everything that Jesus taught is backed up in his death and resurrection. The powers that have enslaved us have been defeated, humiliated at the cross. Not even the power of death could stand up to Jesus. Jesus gives us a life that is bigger than the powers that surround us–bigger than the very world we live in.
If Jesus stays dead, Jesus loses. Jesus took on the powers, all the while, walking in the way of love, peace, humility, justice, mercy, grace, wisdom, patience, etc. never submitting to the powers that sought to destroy him. Just has he began his ministry, intimately depending on God the Father in the wilderness, he goes to the cross and emerges victorious.