donkeys and horses:day two

[Read & meditate on Luke 19.28-44. What kind of rescue did the people of Jerusalem want? What kind of rescue do you normally want from Jesus? Is that what He really wants to give you?]

The people wanted a warrior-king who would defeat the powers that held them in bondage. They wanted a human war to give them human power and freedom. Jesus wanted to defeat the greater powers behind the powers and that meant fighting a superhuman war and giving them the power to finally be truly human.
I think I usually want Jesus to do what I want–I figure that’s what he wants. . . to please me. I want to be rescued from difficulty and struggle. I want an easy life.
Jesus wants me to have the best life, not an “easy” life. Jesus wants more for me than I can even wrap my mind around. He wants me to be fully human, united with him.