a life that matters:day five

[Read & meditate on John 14.6. Let’s unpack the words Jesus uses to describe himself:
way–the way of life or road to be traveled
truth–the way things really are-ultimate reality
life–absolute fullness of life
How could being a disciple of Jesus lead you to live a life of eternal significance?]

Jesus makes it possible for me to not have to wander around, lost and confused. He makes it clear–his way is the best life possible. As a disciple, my desire, or better yet, my resolve must be to learn to be like him in every way. There are many roads in life–the best road is Jesus, I need to travel with and through him. He is absolute truth, the way things are really supposed to be. I need to understand that I won’t find a better life anywhere, but in him. No one lived a more significant life here on earth than Jesus. Isn’t it possible that this would be my only hope for such a thing?