intimate dependence:day four

[Read & meditate on John 5.30. Why would Jesus feel it is important to live this way? How is this a picture of intimate dependence?]

Even from the first few words of Genesis, we get the sense that this God, this three-in-one God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-is community. All three persons living intimately dependent on each other. It’s hard to get a grasp on what that looks like, but Jesus enters the picture and that intimate dependence doesn’t suffer, rather it is put on display. God, in a sense, does not act independently of Himself. We then, who are created in His image, were created to live this same intimate dependence on the One whose image we bear, our source of life. I suppose this is important for Jesus to live this way because He realizes that this is the way it works, all other ways fall short and lead to disappointment, destruction and despair.